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Day 17 and 18: Stronger Than My Excuses

I know I’ve mentioned it before so I apologize if I sound like a broken record, but weekends tend to be the most difficult in disciplining myself to go to class.  If I have a free weekend with no schedule, it’s easy for me to lay around all day and put it off instead of waking up and going first thing in the morning.  The minute class is finished, I’m surprised by how easy it was.  Not class.  Class should never be easy and if it is, you’re not pushing yourself.  Easy in the sense that’s it over and I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want.  Easy in the sense that 90 minutes out of my day isn’t a lot considering I spend more time watching tv or reading than that.  Easy in that I can spend more time making excuses for not going to class than the actual time I spend working out.  It’s like getting gas.  I HATE having to get gas.  Don’t know why but always have.  Whenever my gas light goes on, I stew over having to spend five minutes of my life to go to the gas station and fill up.  Don’t even get me started on the gas prices, but it’s not even that which I detest the most.  It’s the inconvenience, even though it’s 5 minutes of my fucking life – no biggie, right?   Wrong.  It’s a biggie but for reasons I don’t even know.  Those 5 minutes at the gas station allow me hours on end in the car without inconvenience.  Just like those 90 minutes in class (or running on the trail), leave me with hours, days, months, and even years of euphoria.  It’s funny how it’s hard for us to do the things that are best for us.


My fear when this challenge is over is that I’ll go back to my old habits of skipping workouts and allowing my pathetic excuses to overthrow my commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  Getting up and working out is not the easy decision but it’s the best and when I no longer have the Bikram studio keeping me accountable, it’ll be up to me to take on that task.  I know I’m stronger than my excuses, but whether I’m strong enough to maintain that strength is what I question.

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